Humans and animals are individually different.   Each body may need one or more sessions based on conditions begin seen for or for overall maintenance.  Frequency and type activity can determine length and duration of individual or continued sessions.  Chronic conditions call for more sessions, as with most therapies, one time may have immediate results, but consistency is very important to eliminate the cause.

 PEMF Sessions Equine and Livestock:

(Within 35 miles of Hurricane UT.)

 1 Equine Full Body Session ( 40 Minutes) $65

3 Equine Full Body Sessions  $190

4 Equine Full Body Sessions $ 255

5 Equine Full Body Sessions $ 320

larger Packages are available  

Sessions ( within 50 miles of Hurricane UT)

1 Equine Full Body Session ( 40 Minutes) $ 85

3 Equine Full Body Session  $250

4 Equine Full Body Session $335

5 Equine Full Body Session  $420

Larger packages are available 

Pricing is based on location, greater distance are subject to a different pricing structure.

Outside local area a minimum for 6 horses.

Our equipment is always disinfected after each session.  Mask will be worn upon request, along with social distance.

PEMF Sessions


Sessions are usually 30 minutes 


Packages are available.

Travel fee will be added for distance greater then 35 miles from the Hurricane Ut area.

       PEMF Sessions  Pets:

( Within 35 miles of Hurricane, Ut)

 1 Session Full Body Sessions (20 minutes)  $35.00

3 Session Full Body Sessions $100

Sessions Full Body Sessions $ 170

Larger packages are available.

Pricing is based on location, greater distance are subject to a different pricing structure.


Contact  Mary for Your Appointments @ 435-414-1684

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