Recover from injury  Prufect!

Enjoying MagnaWave PEMF

Faster Healing times 

What can PEMF do for your Pet ?

* Improve Performance 

       Increase Speed ,Strength ,Stamina, and Range of Motion

* Relive Pain

     Reduce Inflammation , Stiffness, Soreness from Injury

* Detect Areas of Soreness

       PEMF can help detect WHERE your pet is sore                                            while providing noticeable relief ,  PEtSS LOVE IT**** 

* Heals Faster

       PEMF increase healing times by 1/3 to 1/2 

* Relieve and Heal Deep Muscle Soreness 

         PEMF penetrates much deeper than tased and massage.

* Works well With Other Modalities

          Laser, chiropractis, acupuncture 

Conditions that are Very responsive to MagnaWave PEMF





*Spinal Cord Problems

*Seizure Disorders

*Skin Condition 


*Diabetes Complication

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